Our Services

Olorun-Asa provides services in areas of Meditation, Events, and Consulting. Our future offerings will include massage therapy and publishing. Our programs that have garnered phenomenal success in increasing greater personal awareness, clarity, happiness and overall well-being. As a result, our programs have drastically decreased or eradicated stress, anxiety, depression, poor health and other mental, physical and emotional issues. We specialize in helping people who see help with: RELAXATION, SLEEPLESSNESS, STRESS, ANGER MANAGEMENT, CHRONIC PAIN, ADDICTIONS, DEPRESSION, ADHD, PTSD. AUTISM, DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS, DECISION MAKING and LIFE SUCCESS COACHING.


Through our various meditation options, you are able to unlock and connect to your inner peace, awareness and healing.

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Meditation Life Coaching

We offer a very simplified style of coaching. To improve and organize your life in order to create your preferred outcomes.

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Events & Workshops

We create community events, workshops, and seminars full of information and fun! Let us plan your next event.

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Wedding Officiating

Let us officiate your memorable day! We know how special this day is. Let us help you make it beautiful. We look forward to serving you!

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Types of Meditation

Regardless of your choice, we are here to guide you through.

Happy Customers

I loved everything you said beforehand. It hit all all the right buttons. The gong penetrated my cells, and left me with a positive energy. I'm so looking forward to sharing with my loved ones.

Marki Lyons


So wow, I don't have a lot of words to express how I feel after our session....grateful, open, honored.....kind of overflowing w good vibes. I look forward to seeing you again 👀 !!

Amy Duree

I was not very familiar with sound meditation not to mention Gong Meditation! I was somewhat unsure of how to do it but Spirit was very detailed in walking me through it and the sound of the gong was very unique. I had different experiences with each Gong Meditation, some were intense energy and physical healing, refocusing to pure relaxation. Thank you Spirit for bringing so much healing and love to the sacred Gong Meditation.


Attending Spirit's meditation and gong bath has been an amazing experience for me!!! I have noticed major changes inside of my body and being. I feel absolutely enlightened which has allowed the space for me to deal with stress and LIFE on a whole new level!!


I first met spirit at one of his spoken word events. At the time I didn't know what it was. What I experienced was really cool. I went home and felt super happy, super connected. So of course I went to the second event, and I went to the third. What I started to notice, each time the groups got bigger... Spirit was creating a community, a community that Grand Forks really needs... I'd encourage anyone to attend one of his [Spirit's] events.


Physical Therapist

Spirit has a warm and caring presence wherever he goes. His powerful and moving gong meditations have been immensely beneficial to my well being. They have taken me to a space of peace and stillness in mind and body.


Yoga Teacher


Our focus toward excellence in creating happy and healthy experiences for all of our clients is paramount. Our business services come with an agreement to consistently provide top tier levels of service and knowledge that your staff can truly benefit from. We offer personalized services on or off site, depending on your business needs.